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Koh Tao has been criticized for becoming an overly-commercialized backpackers paradise, and rightfully so. Tao’s Sairee Beach has exploded in the past ten years into a place that totters on overdone. The entire beach is set up for tourism – … Continue reading

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Scuba Dubba Doo!

Michael and I spent the better part of our week on Koh Tao around Sairee Beach, a haven for divers and lizards alike. Following a combined total of 19 dives, three certifications, and more Baht (Thai money) than we’d care … Continue reading

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We’re Off to See the Lizard…

There’s something everyone loves about Thailand… It’s something you can’t quite name, though. It’s as if this place is a bit magical; as if nearly anything can happen. And pretty much anything CAN happen, I firmly believe. And will. You … Continue reading

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