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Viewer Discretion Advised

The reason for coming to Africa was pretty simple: we were going to do a safari. We had hoped to see the annual wildebeest migration of over one million animals, but we were treated with many great shows. We made our way from … Continue reading

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Africa: Mishaps, Misadventures, and Mayhem

Mishaps After several months of what I would consider careful photo management, I not-so-carefully managed to erase two weeks worth of Tanzania pictures. How could you have done something so stupid, Brooke? you might be asking. And I would tell … Continue reading

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By Land, Air, and Sea (Part Three)

Ah, the sea. What a mysterious, beautiful, and terrifying place. I love boat travel and we try to do it as much as is convenient. Going between Zanzibar and Pemba, we had a choice between a quick flight or a … Continue reading

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By Land, Air, and Sea (Part Two)

Michael has been saying for some time how cool it would be to fly a plane. Well he got about as close to it as possible, as he practically sat on the pilot’s lap on our way from Pemba to … Continue reading

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By Land, Air, and Sea (Part One)

If getting there is half the fun, getting there in Africa is twice the fun. Whether by land, air, or sea, we have had our share of travel adventures lately, just getting from place to place. We find ourselves on … Continue reading

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