By Land, Air, and Sea (Part Two)

Michael has been saying for some time how cool it would be to fly a plane. Well he got about as close to it as possible, as he practically sat on the pilot’s lap on our way from Pemba to the mainland! The plane had seating for 12, and we were the last two to board. It’s one of those planes where they have to take care to balance the weight, and there were two seats left: one in the front, one in the back. As luck would have it, Michael got the front seat! I was not quite so lucky, as I got the seat in the back next to the big stinky guy. Oh well.

The flight was about 20 minutes long, and definitely scary. I can’t imagine how Michael felt, sitting there in the cockpit! Thankfully, we landed safely in Tanga and without difficulty. One thing I noticed, though, is that this isn’t even a proper airport, it’s an “airstrip”!

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2 Responses to By Land, Air, and Sea (Part Two)

  1. Momma Lou says:

    Thank you. Another “parent throw up ” adventure! Please come home right now : )

  2. Jeff says:

    wow!! sounds fantastic, what great adeventures. I admit I have not been able to stay up with everything but this morning I tried to play catch up. Sounds like you all are loving life. I have a few questions to ask and you have probably already answered them. What is the stragnest thing you have eaten up to this point? What is the one thing that you are looking forward to having when you return? We cant wait to hear all the stories, please come visit us at some point when you get back and settled in.

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