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  Before we left for this big adventure, my friends asked me a lot of really good questions that I suspect others wanted to ask, but held back. For instance: 1) How will you wash your clothes? 2) Where will … Continue reading

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How the Other Half Lives

Maybe we haven’t mentioned it yet, and sometimes we forget, but we are on a bit of a budget. Something a few people have asked, and I’m sure many more have wondered, is: “How can you afford it?” Since neither of us is … Continue reading

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Fits Like a Glove (For Half of the Travelling Party)

A trip to Vietnam can not be complete without a several day stopover in Hoi An, which seems to be the capital of ‘made to measure’ clothing. Well, maybe not several days, as one day could do. The longer you … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Club, Vietnam Style: Easy Riders

As soon as we stepped off our bus upon arrival in Dalat, Vietnam, a man named Rene approached us. Blah, blah, blah, is usually what I hear from these salespeople. But Rene was different. He is a founding member of the … Continue reading

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An Underground Network

Away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and its numerous artifacts of the “Vietnam War” (“American War” to the Vietnamese people), we continued to seek more information. Our day trip took us about 70 km … Continue reading

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