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Africa: Mishaps, Misadventures, and Mayhem

Mishaps After several months of what I would consider careful photo management, I not-so-carefully managed to erase two weeks worth of Tanzania pictures. How could you have done something so stupid, Brooke? you might be asking. And I would tell … Continue reading

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An Underground Network

Away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and its numerous artifacts of the “Vietnam War” (“American War” to the Vietnamese people), we continued to seek more information. Our day trip took us about 70 km … Continue reading

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Uncle Chang The World

Don’t know what I mean by this title? That’s okay, neither do I. And there were a lot of happenings this week that I didn’t *quite* understand, but definitely appreciate. One of the great joys of travel is the element … Continue reading

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Koh Tao has been criticized for becoming an overly-commercialized backpackers paradise, and rightfully so. Tao’s Sairee Beach has exploded in the past ten years into a place that totters on overdone. The entire beach is set up for tourism – … Continue reading

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We’re Off to See the Lizard…

There’s something everyone loves about Thailand… It’s something you can’t quite name, though. It’s as if this place is a bit magical; as if nearly anything can happen. And pretty much anything CAN happen, I firmly believe. And will. You … Continue reading

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