Motorcycle Club, Vietnam Style: Easy Riders

As soon as we stepped off our bus upon arrival in Dalat, Vietnam, a man named Rene approached us. Blah, blah, blah, is usually what I hear from these salespeople.

But Rene was different. He is a founding member of the “Easy Rider” motorcycle group. A group of 30 bikers started giving guided motorcycle tours of the Dalat region (and beyond if want more) 18 years ago. The group has expanded to about 80 riders, but Rene was an original. From the reviews, we heard it was an experience that was a must in Dalat.

We signed on. Pick up at 8:30 am and a whole day on the back of the bike. The list of places was extensive and words will be cumbersome. Let the pictures tell the story:

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3 Responses to Motorcycle Club, Vietnam Style: Easy Riders

  1. Grant McGuire says:

    Glad you got to Vietnam. I miss it.— Grant

  2. Great photos guys. I can imagine all the remnants of the American War making things a little strange, but from what I hear people roll with it. One English guy I met said a Vietnamese guy was trying to sell him ‘100% true U.S. dog tags.’ The English guy said he was afraid to ask how they got them.

  3. Margaret Polk says:

    Hi! I loved the tour…they say a picture is worth a thousand words and U 2 wrote lots in this entry. It would be hard to choose a best photo; however, I really liked the one of U 2 at Elephant Falls. It amazes me how a place can be so hot and yet green & not be WV. (Please excuse my lack of world travel knowledge 🙂

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