An Assault of Water That Never Stops!

We thought the Thai New Year was crazy on Day 1, Tuesday. But then, we realized that in fact the festival goes on and on. And what a better way to get involved with the festivities and see what the hysteria is all about.

We had to take a break on Wednesday because the onslaught of water was too much. We tried to rationalized how a water fight could be irritating in 105 degree heat. People could say that we are ludicrous to not enjoy it.

But let me tell you the difference between the water fights that we know (or think we know from our childhood jokes or our adulthood ‘immaturity’): you and the ‘other’ person(s) eventually grow wearisome of slinging water on each other…maybe it might take 20 minutes, maybe an hour. It will stop. It is fun in the ‘moment’ and that is why we enjoyed it.

Now, put yourself in Songkran. That ‘other’ person never stops, not from 9 am to 8,9, 10 p.m. As the hurler, you get tired of throwing water. But guess what? There are new ‘other’ persons each and every step you take, ready to douse you with water.

So with the new mentality, we hit to the streets on Thursday, the last day of the festival. And we went straight to the source. The town’s moat. Brooke, Seth, and I flinging water and having a blast. Over and over and over. Each time a new person came by, we were the ‘other’ person and enjoying every moment of it!

One bucket on Brooke is funny. Two buckets on her and she gets fired up (with enlistment from Seth).

Seth and I hitting the scooters driving by. It was my favorite part and I chuckled every time.

After much practice all day, I perfected my delivery.

We made friends with some people that parked their truck on the road. They let us refill our buckets in the barrel on the back of their truck rather than run to the moat each chuck. With moat water cooled by chunks of ice, we could refill as much as we wanted….on one condition:

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4 Responses to An Assault of Water That Never Stops!

  1. Brooke says:

    The Baker water toss tag team was excellent. But when Michael and Seth join forces with a bunch of locals in a truck bed, no one was spared Songkran water blessings! Nice work, fellas.

  2. Momma Lou says:

    The difference in the beginning with Brooke looking so adorable and polite with her little bucket of water and then the end where she is a wild, water flingin’ mama is hysterical. You go, girl!!

  3. Jeff says:

    mike they made you their little b***h! haha good work and great creativity on the toss. You really had a good motion, stance, and follow through. I see you have been practicig my son!

    • Michael says:

      Some things in life are worth swallowing. And what’s better–they were probably saying the same thing, but using Thai language to laugh at me. It was so much easier than the frequent trips on each throw. Getting our Vietnam visas today…when you coming?

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